Current manufacturing industry is going through a rapid change with the advent of Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) technology. This technology gives plant managers an ability to have a wholistic view of the entire plat floor through a set of interconnected sensors, IOT devices, cameras supported by industrial grade connectivity. This visibility across the plant floor helps in reducing costs and increasing productivity.

The objectives of Factory Solutions is to:

  • Reduce Downtime and increase productivity
  • End to end visibility into Factory floor and operations
  • Secure factory and workforce
  • Accelerate innovation across teams

Key enablers to making the factory of the future work is the need to connect all the disparate applications that exist within the factory, allowing a seamless transfer of data throughout the factory to the applications that need the data. The data moves seamlessly from the shops to the local datacenter, and is also shared between shops for production sequence broadcast, etc.

Industry solutions can be broadly categorized to serve the following purposes:

  • Connect The factory:
    • Factory Network:
      • Industry-leading enterprise networking solutions delivered across industrial platforms
      • Scalable, highly secure, real-time performance predictability and remote access
    • Factory Wireless:
      • Cisco Connected Factory Wireless offers flexible, plantwide communications between things, machines, databases, and people on the plant floor. Creating a secure, unified, easy-to-manage industrial-wireless network cuts costs while increasing productivity and output.
      • Factory Wireless improves a wide range of operations, including asset tracking, visibility of automation controls, wireless tooling, and pervasive mobile communications and video.
  • Factory Security:
    • Protect intellectual property, plant assets, and production integrity with converged-access security products, technologies, and services
    • Unify security implementations for IT and operational technology (OT) environments
    • Our Connected Factory Security suite addresses IACS security risks. It is designed to transform diverse manufacturing processes into a unified and highly secure communication system that links infrastructure, machines, and people.
  • Connect People:

To meet several competing goals of meeting customer expectation, global competition, handle complex supply chain operations, we need to connect people involved in collaborative setting:

Cisco’s collaboration solutions address all of the above priorities.